Rectangular Prism Block Acrylic Glass

Rectangular Prism Block Acrylic Glass


Size: 180 x 125 x 25mm / Acrylic

180 x 125 x 25mm / Acrylic
125 x 65 x 18mm / Acrylic
75 x 50 x 18mm / Glass
110 x 62 x 18mm / Glass
SKU: SE.31.1227-01

A Rectangular Prism Block refers to a three-dimensional geometric shape with six rectangular faces, twelve edges, and eight vertices. They are used for used for optical experiments.

The use of rectangular prism blocks can vary depending on their material, size, and intended purpose. This can be used for the following:

  1. Optics Experiments: Demonstrate concepts such as refraction, dispersion of light, and total internal reflection.

  2. Educational Demonstrations: Teach students about the properties of light, how it interacts with different materials, and the principles of optics, as hands-on tools for visualizing and understanding these concepts.

  3. Physics and Engineering Studies: Explore the behavior of light, study the properties of materials, and conduct experiments related to optics and electromagnetic waves

  4. Material Testing: Test the optical properties of different materials, such as acrylic versus glass 

Product Code Material Size Refractive Index
SE.31.1227-01 Acrylic 180x125x25mm
SE.31.1226-01 Acrylic 125x65x18mm
SE.31.1196-01 Glass 75x50x18mm 1.50
SE.31.1206-01 Glass 110x62x18mm 1.15
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180 x 125 x 25mm / Acrylic, 125 x 65 x 18mm / Acrylic, 75 x 50 x 18mm / Glass, 110 x 62 x 18mm / Glass
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