Razor Blade Single Edge Pack of 100

Razor Blade Single Edge Pack of 100

SKU: SE.31.0131-01

Razor Blade Single Edge Pack of 100 is an indispensable tool for precision cutting jobs as they allow for scoring, scraping, etc. Single-edge razors are perfect for precision cuts in laboratory and workshop settings. Their thin profile and sharp blade make them ideal for sensitive workings, such as scientific experiments, fine art crafting, or sample preparations.

It's also highly versatile tool that has proven its usefulness in the manufacturing and automotive industries. From removing excess material to cleaning surfaces and making precise cuts with tight control, this razor blade is an invaluable aid and is highly efficient and convenient.

Quantity: Sold By 100/Box
Material: Carbon Steel
Slots: 1
Notches: 2
Coating: Uncoated


Product Code: SE.31.0131-01

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