Rare Earth Magnet (Neodymium)

Rare Earth Magnet (Neodymium)

SKU: SE.31.0493-01

The Rare Earth Magnet (Neodymium) has exceptional strength, compact size, and versatility and serves as a powerful magnetic tool with multifaceted applications in science and laboratory settings, making it a valuable resource for its users. Neodymium magnets are essential in physics, electronics, material science, MRI research, levitation experiments, and flux pattern studies.

Neodymium magnets enhance sensor technologies and are vital in miniaturized lab setups. They exemplify advanced materials and innovation, providing magnetic capabilities for lab applications.

Product Code:   SE.31.0493-01
Thick Grade: N35
Dimensions: 15 x 10mm d x  N35
Max Temp: 80 deg c.

*Strong Magnets used for various experiments
*Warning: Magnets can pinch the skin.

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