Rain Gauge Plastic

Rain Gauge Plastic


Size: 50mm

SKU: SE.31.0104-01

Rain Gauge Plastic is used in meteorology to accurately measure precipitation, providing valuable data for weather forecasting and climate studies. In environmental science, it also plays a crucial role in monitoring and analyzing rainfall patterns, contributing to the understanding of water cycles and their impact on ecosystems.

In the field of hydrology research, this plastic rain gauge enables precise measurements that aid in studying water runoff, soil erosion, and the dynamics of a watershed.

  • The sprinkler gauge is ideal for controlled watering in your garden.
  • Accurately measure rain with this durable plastic gauge. Includes jar for collecting and rainfall chart for tracking.
Product Code Capacity Size/Reading
SE.31.0104-01 50mm 210 x 100mm, direct
SE.31.0124-01 100mm, w/rainfall chart (Brannan) x1mm reading
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50mm, 100mm

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