Racks for 0.2ml PCR Tubes, Polycarbonate

Racks for 0.2ml PCR Tubes Polycarbonate

SKU: P63212

Racks designed for 0.2ml PCR Tubes in Polycarbonate offer superior resistance to chemicals and long-term durability, helping optimize the storage and organization of PCR tubes during experiments.

This rack, as the name suggests, is used for keeping PCR tubes. Top & base of this rack is made of tough & transparent polycarbonate while the middle portion is made of polypropylene. The tube holding spaces are uniformly placed so as to facilitate the use of multi pipettes. These racks can hold 96 PCR tubes of 0.2ml and can be stacked together to save shelf space.

Material: Polypropylene/Polycarbonate

Brand: PolyLab


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