Probe and Seeker

Probe and Seeker


Style: Flexible

Hooked One End / Straight One End
SKU: SE.31.1511-01

Hooks and Probes are surgical tools designed for the manipulation, compression, and retraction of tissues, nerves, arteries, and bones. These traditional instruments are commonly utilized by healthcare professionals to remove and stabilize skin, muscle, ligaments, tendons, and bone fragments. Orthopedic hooks are often used to perform these tasks with precision and control.

  • Flexible
    • Designed to bend or flex easily
    • Suitable for reaching into tight spaces
  • Hooked and Straight-End
    • Allowing for both hooked and straight applications
    • Commonly utilized in lab environments, workshops, and diverse industrial settings where varying tasks may require distinct pro
Product Code Type Length
SE.31.1511-01 Flexible 150mm
SE.31.1481-01 Hooked One End/Straight One End 140mm, 5.5 d
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Flexible, Hooked One End / Straight One End
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