Pocket Folding Magnifier Lens
Pocket Folding Magnifier Lens

Pocket Folding Magnifier Lens


Size: 20mm / 10x

20mm / 10x
20mm / 10x Max High Quality
50mm / 3x 6x
SKU: SE.31.3145-01

The Folding Pocket Magnifier Lens is an essential instrument for the field of optical devices, specifically developed for convenient magnification in scientific and laboratory tasks. With its precise optics, compact design, and pocket-sized appearance, this magnifier lens is useful for on-the-go and performing tasks in the field.

It is used to thoroughly examine samples, observe intricate structures, and accurately measure objects. 

Product Code
Lens Dia. Mag.
SE.31.3145-01 20mm 10x
SE.31.3071-01 20mm 10x (Max High Quality)
SE.31.3155-01 50mm 3x 6x
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20mm / 10x, 20mm / 10x Max High Quality, 50mm / 3x 6x

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