Plastic Spring for Wave Demo

Plastic Spring for Wave Demo


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SKU: SE.31.0440-01

The Plastic Spring for Wave Demo is particularly used in the field of physics and physics classrooms  for in wave demonstrations. It a practical means to measure and illustrate the principles of wave physics, including wave velocity and frequency.

It is instrumental in experiments involving the study of material properties under wave-induced forces, contributing to the understanding of wave behavior in different mediums. In acoustics research, this spring balance is valuable for investigations into the relationship between tension, wave speed, and frequency, aiding scientists and students in unraveling the complexities of wave phenomena across various scientific disciplines. 

*Expands from 50cm to 370cm

 Brand: Narika

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SE.31.0440-01 Single
SE.31.0441-01 Pack of 10
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Single, Pack of 10
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