Plastic Refraction Tank Semi-Circular

Refraction Tank Plastic Semi-Circular


Size: Clear

Printed Angles
SKU: SE.31.1186-01

The Refraction Tank Semi-Circular is an essential tool for studying light and its interaction with different materials in the field of optics. It offers valuable observations and analyses, uncovering key principles that control the refraction of light. Furthermore, it facilitates a deeper understanding of optical elements and plays a crucial role in the advancement and refinement of optical technology.

Clear: These cells are perfect for showcasing total internal reflection and examining the refractive properties of different liquids.

With Printed Angle: Ideal for demonstrating internal reflection. Includes a protractor for measuring angles and determining the index of refraction using Snell's Law.

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    SE.31.1186-01 Clear Read Instructions
    SE.31.1186-02 Printed angles  Read Instructions
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    Clear, Printed Angles
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