Plastic Masons Hygrometer

Plastic Masons Hygrometer


Style: Red Spirit w/Calibration

Red Spirit w/Calibration
Spare Wick / Pack of 20
SKU: SE.31.2795-01

The Plastic Masons Hygrometer precisely gauges humidity levels through its revolutionary use of plastic components. This tool is integral for monitoring environmental conditions and conducting laboratory testing.

Perfect for labs, the Plastic Masons Hygrometer provides real-time humidity data for accurate experiments, making it ideal for material tests, chamber calibration, and environmental research.

Product Code Item
SE.31.2795-01 Red Spirit and Calibration -5 to 50°C
SE.31.1029-01 Spare Wick

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Red Spirit w/Calibration, Spare Wick / Pack of 20
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