Plain Mirror Double Sided Unbreakable

Plain Mirror Double Sided Unbreakable


Size: 50x50mm / Pack of 10

50x50mm / Pack of 10
50x75mm / Pack of 10
100x50mm / Pack of 5
100x100mm / pack of 5
100x150mm / Pack of 5
SKU: SE.31.0946-01

The Plain Mirror Double Sided Unbreakable has been expertly crafted for use in various scientific and laboratory applications for a range of optical experiments, such as analyzing light reflection, refraction, and image formation.

Simply adjust the mirror to the desired angle or orientation to reflect incident light rays. Its unbreakable construction guarantees longevity, making it a dependable tool for hands-on exploration and experimentation in controlled laboratory settings.

Product Code
Width x Height Qty
50x50mm Pack of 10
SE.31.0956-01 50x75mm Pack of 10
SE.31.0986-01 100x50mm Pack of 5
SE.31.0966-01 100x100mm Pack of 5
SE.31.0976-01 100x150mm Pack of 5
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50x50mm / Pack of 10, 50x75mm / Pack of 10, 100x50mm / Pack of 5, 100x100mm / pack of 5, 100x150mm / Pack of 5
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