Pipette Washer With Pipette Basket

Pipette Washer With Pipette Basket

SKU: SE.31.4127-01

PipThe Pipette Washer With Pipette Basket is a vital tool for maintaining the cleanliness and accuracy of laboratory pipettes. As precision instruments used to transfer small liquid volumes, pipettes must be cleaned and rinsed regularly to prevent contamination from residual substances. By effectively cleaning pipettes, this equipment ensures accurate measurements and avoids cross-contamination between samples.

The "Pipette Washer" uses a specialized basket to clean multiple pipettes at once, ensuring accurate and reliable results in laboratory experiments.

*For pipettes up to 400mm long
*Supplied with basket for holding pipettes
Product Code:  SE.31.4127-01
Material: High Density Polypropylene
Overall Dims: 820mm x 170mm

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