Pipe Organ With Graduated Piston

Pipe Organ With Graduated Piston Wood

SKU: SE.31.0308-01

Pipe Organ Wood with Graduated Piston allows scientists to manipulate air pressure within the organ pipes, contributing to the study of sound propagation and resonance phenomena. Furthermore, the wood's role extends into material science laboratories, where its composition is scrutinized for insights into structural integrity, providing valuable data for engineers and researchers working on innovative wood-based materials. 

The pipe organ produces sound waves through vibrations within the pipes. By blowing on the organ pipes or connecting them to an air supply faucet via rubber hose, loud tones can be achieved. Additionally, a wooden pipe with a sliding piston provides three different tone options. The length of the resonant cavity can be adjusted to vary the tone's pitch. To further explore the relationship between wave frequency and tone, a microphone, amplifier, and oscilloscope may be used.

  • With movable piston marked with the chromatic scale from C (512) to (1024)
  • Can also be utilized to explore the occurrence of beats when paired with a second pipe of the identical type 
Product Code:  SE.31.0308-01
Overall length 840mm
Material: Varnished Wood

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