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pH Indicator Strips Pack of 200


Range: pH 2.0 to 10.5

pH 2.0 to 10.5
pH 1.0 to 14
SKU: pH001

pH test strips show precise pH values as the different colours do not mix at the point of testing. A pH indicator is chemically bonded to the cellulose fibre and provides a non-bleed system that ensures precise pH values. Colour chart match for each pH value ensures fast and reliable pH readings at all times and indicates the acidity or alkalinity of solutions. These pH strips come in two variations and are supplied in 10 books of 20. A packet of 200 strips.

Brand: Qualigens/Thermo Fisher Scientific

Item Code pH Range
pH001 pH 2.0 to 10.5
pH002 pH 1.0 to 14.0
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pH 2.0 to 10.5, pH 1.0 to 14
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