Petri Dishes Cell Culture

Petri Dishes Cell Culture


Size: 33.6od X 9.0mm h

33.6od X 9.0mm h
55.2od X 12.0mm h
87.2od X 17.7mm h
140od X 23.1mm h
SKU: SE.31.2469-04

Petri Dishes are essential for separating and examining microbial colonies, making them a must-have for labs working in cell biology, microbiology, and medicine. Flat transparent surfaces are for distortion-free observation.


Petri Dishes Cell Culture - can be used for all sorts of cellular experiments - from popping cell proliferation, to testing medications, to watching cells react to different stimuli. 

  • Vacuum plasma TC treatment, excellent cell adherence
  • Stackable for easy storage and handling
  • Sterilized by E-Beam
  • Non-pyrogenic
  • Brand: Nest

Code Size Dimensions Quantity/Case
SE.31.2469-04 35mm 33.6od X 9.0mm h 500
SE.31.2469-03 60mm 55.2od X 12.0mm h 500
SE.31.2469-02 100mm 87.2od X 17.7mm h 300
SE.31.2469-01 150mm 140od X 23.1mm h 100
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33.6od X 9.0mm h, 55.2od X 12.0mm h, 87.2od X 17.7mm h, 140od X 23.1mm h
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