Overhead Stirrer OS60C

Overhead Stirrer OS60C


Item: Overhead Stirrer OS60C

Overhead Stirrer OS60C
Accessory / Spare Paddle Rod
SKU: SE.31.4269-01

The Overhead Stirrer OS60C is a motorized laboratory instrument designed to stir and mix liquids in containers. It is equipped with a shaft and stirring element that is driven by a mounted unit positioned above the container. This element is immersed in the liquid and rotated by the motor to effectively mix the contents.

Overhead Stirrer Specifications: 

Mixer Type:  Paddle 4 blades
Speed: 100-2500 RPM
Barrel Volume: 20L
Max. Loading Volume: 20L
Applications:  Viscous Fluid, Chemicals Processing
Timer: No
Power:  40W-60W
Voltage: 110V-220V
Power: 0.04 kW
Control: Digital display with timer function


Product Code Item
SE.31.4269-01 Overhead Stirrer OS60C
SE.31.4269-02 Accessory / Spare Paddle Rod

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    Overhead Stirrer OS60C, Accessory / Spare Paddle Rod

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