Oscilloscope Channel With Probe

Oscilloscope Channel With Probe

SKU: SE.31.3525-01

The oscilloscope is commonly used in electronics, telecommunications, and other fields for analyzing electronic signals and visualizing waveforms. This is an advanced electronic testing device designed for visualizing and examining the waveform of electrical signals.

Oscilloscopes offer accurate measurements of key electrical parameters such as voltage, frequency, time intervals, and amplitudes, ensuring that electronic circuits function according to desired specifications.


  • ALT triggering function
  • Encoder for sweep switch
  • Fully sealed long life vertical sensitivity switch
  • 10 times sweep magnification
  • TV synchronization, X-Y mode
  • Economic choice for high quality
  • Type 6-inch rectangular with internal graticule 8x10div (1div=1cm)
  • Illumination Front panel control
Product Code: SE.31.3525-01
Model:  #3502C
Bandwidth: 20 MHz
Channels: 2
Max. Input Voltage: 400V(DC+AC peak )at 1khz
Accelerating Voltage: 2kV(20MHz) 12kV(40MHz)
Input Impedance: 1mΩ±5% 25pF±5pF

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