Oil free Vacuum Pump

Diaphragm Oil Free Vacuum Pump

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This Diaphragm Oil-Free Vacuum Pump offers a sophisticated, contamination-free vacuum source ideal for laboratory use. Its diaphragm-based construction eliminates the need for lubricating oils, preventing sample contamination and maintaining a clean working environment. This oil-free system makes it the perfect choice for analytical chemistry, research, and medical labs that require uncompromised sample purity.

Oil-free vacuum pump: vacuum and pressure double function pump.

1. Security No Oil, 100% Maintenance-Free.

2. Artistic Appearance And Simple Structure.

3. Good Environmental Performance, Low Noise, And Low Vibration.

4. Reliable Quality And Long Service Life.

5. High Efficiency And Energy Saving, Stable Operation.

Product Introduction:

The oil-free vacuum pump has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, high vacuum degree, and long service life. And with good durability, it is a dual-purpose vacuum pump for vacuuming and compression. Wide range of applications; with corresponding equipment, it can be used for aerators, nitrogen blowing instruments, solid-phase extraction instruments, thin-layer color sprays, solvent filters, atmospheric samplers, and other vacuum needs. According to the needs of different operators, filter membranes with different materials and different filter pore sizes are selected. It can remove impurities, purification, and bacteria in the solvent.


1. Electromagnetic motor and diaphragm seal the gas chamber to ensure one-way gas flow and high vacuum.

2. Non-oil pump design, relatively isolated gas flow in the air chamber, no pollution, safe explosion-proof.

3. The cylinder piston adopts new wear-resistant materials and has a longer service life.

4. The bag shape design makes it easier to use and better heat dissipation. 5. Surface electrostatic spraying, stronger adhesion, resistance to chipping, and discoloration.


  • Do not start with pressure, and it is forbidden to pump liquid into the pump. It is recommended to add a buffer bottle.
  • When using a positive/negative pressure dual-purpose pump, it cannot be used for both suction and inflation.
  • Do not continue to power on for more than 30 minutes.
  • No dust can enter the connecting pipe, and keep the suction pipe clean.
  • Connect the short tube of the connecting tube to the vacuum pump, connect the suction tube to the suction port, and connect the inflation tube to the inflation port. Do not connect the tube reversely.
  • The pump is not suitable for pumping gas that is corrosive to ferrous metals, chemically reacts to the pump, contains particulate dust, and contains too high oxygen and explosive toxic gas. It cannot be used as a transfer pump (that is, pumping from one container to another)

 Technical Parameters:

Voltage: 110V~240V

Power: 80W

Vacuum Flow: 12L/Min

Max Pressure: 3.0 KG

Max Vacuum:≥0.075MPa

Noise Rating: 60dB(A)

Environment Temperature: -10C-55C

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