Newton's Colour Disc

Newton's Colour Disc


Item: Disc Only / No Spindle

Disc Only / No Spindle
Spare Belt Only
Hand Driven On Stand
SKU: SE.31.0216-01

The Newton's Colour Disc contains seven rainbow-colored segments: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, in that specific order. When rotated, the colors eventually fade into white, proving Isaac Newton's theory that white light is composed of the seven colors of the rainbow. This disc serves as a visual demonstration of this scientific concept. 

It is used to demonstrate color mixing and the spectrum of colors. By rotating the disc, it creates a range of colors formed by the combination of its colored segments. This product is commonly used in educational settings, physics demonstrations, and experiments related to optics and light where the color spectrum is significant.

This apparatus utilizes a drive system that involves a rotating belt to generate movement in the disc. Keeping a spare belt on hand is beneficial in situations where the original belt experiences wear or damage. This enables the swift replacement of a vital component, guaranteeing that the Newton's Colour Disc stays operational.

Product Code: Item Dimensions
SE.31.0216-01 Disc Only / No Spindle 23cm
SE.31.0216-02 Spare Belt Only
SE.31.0226-01 Hand Driven On Stand 23cm

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Disc Only / No Spindle, Spare Belt Only, Hand Driven On Stand
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