Motor Generator AC/DC Hand Driven

Motor Generator AC DC Hand Driven


Item: Motor Generator

Motor Generator
Spare Belt Only
SKU: SE.31.1443-01

A Motor Generator AC/DC Hand Driven demonstrates the transfer of electrical energy and can generate both AC and DC. This motor generator is highly efficient in generating a significant amount of electricity, making it ideal for powering applications that demand a greater electrical output.

This device is commonly used in academic environments, such as physics or engineering labs, to illustrate the concepts of electric generation, conversion, and variation in electrical currents. It allows students to understand the correlation between mechanical force and electric energy.

  • Operation: AC and DC
  • Size: Large
  • Power Source: Hand Driven (powered by manual operation)
Product Code Item Dims
SE.31.1443-01 Motor Generator 320mmL x 230mmW x 300mmH
SE.31.1443-02 Spare Belt Only

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Motor Generator, Spare Belt Only
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