Mortar and Pestle Spare Pestle

Mortar and Pestle Spare Pestle


Size: 60mm / Pack of 5

60mm / Pack of 5
100mm / Pack of 5
120mm / Pack of 5
145mm / Pack of 5
200mm / Pack of 5
SKU: SE.31.3662-02

The spare pestle is a supplementary or alternate tool intended to be paired with a mortar and pestle set. These sets are frequently utilized in laboratories and diverse fields of science, notably in the fields of chemistry, biology, and pharmacy. The mortar is a container shaped like a bowl, while the pestle is a blunt, club-shaped instrument utilized to grind, mix, or crush substances.

Having a backup is essential in case the primary pestle becomes damaged or misplaced. Additionally, having a spare pestle allows for uninterrupted and effective work, particularly when dealing with various materials or conducting repetitive experiments. Overall, possessing a spare pestle adds to the adaptability and practicality of the mortar and pestle set, making it an indispensable tool for scientists and researchers in their experimental pursuits.

*spare pestle only

Product Code:
Size Qty
60mm Pack of 5
SE.31.3697-02 100mm Pack of 5
SE.31.3717-02 120mm Pack of 5
SE.31.3727-02 145mm Pack of 5
SE.31.3747-02 200mm Pack of 5
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60mm / Pack of 5, 100mm / Pack of 5, 120mm / Pack of 5, 145mm / Pack of 5, 200mm / Pack of 5
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