Mini Rotary Shaker

Mini Rotary Shaker

This Mini Rotary Shaker is used to agitate liquid samples with a rotating platform. Its compact size and portability make it a great choice for use in small laboratory areas, such as fume hoods or workstations. Moreover, its minimal design is perfect for applications that require gentle mixing or shaking of biological samples, cultures, or solutions.

Mini Rotary Shaker: For gentle mixing of fluids in test tubes & glass vessels of different capacities. These shakers find applications in pathology, microbiology, chemistry, molecular biology & biotechnology.
Model RS-12 Plus shakers have Brushless DC CBLDC Motor having a wide speed range from 5D to 40D rpm. A universal platform is with adjustable rollers and is also suitable to accommodate interchangeable clamps of assorted sizes/capacities for holding conical flasks, making the unit truly versatile in performance. The Platform can accommodate either 5 flasks of 500 ml or 9 flasks of 250 ml or 150 ml or 100 / 50 ml. (Clamps to be ordered separately)


Models RS-12R are shakers with AC/DC Universal motor with the maximum speed of 180 rpm with an inbuilt speed regulator. These shakers have a platform with 3 adjustable rollers.

Technical Data
Model RS-12R RS-12 Plus
Speed Range rpm 80 to 180 50 to 400
Platform Size inches 7×11 12x 12
Flasks Capacity [max) 5 x 500 ml
Overall Dimensions mm W x–x H 270 x 260 x 156 320×415 x 130
Speed Indicator Digital
Digital Count down Timer minutes 15 99
Shaking Orbit mm 10 10
Power Supply 220-240 V, 50Hz, Single phase
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