Mini Roller 6 Rollers

Mini Roller 6 Rollers

SKU: SE.31.3741-01

The Mini Roller is perfect for various tasks such as liquid mixing, cell cultures, and hybridization. It can be utilized in a wide range of settings, including bench tops, standard incubators, and CO2 incubators.

  • Variable speed to accommodate numerous applications
  • Anti-corrosive and wear-resistant construction for use in humid and CO2 environment

Product Specifications:

  • Operating Mode Way forward
  • Available Tubes or Bottles Max. Ø120mm bottles; tubes
  • Display LED
Product Code: SE.31.3740-01
Brand: Nest
Roller: 6
Roller Speed: 0.5~80rpm
Roller Dimensions: φ28mmx259mm
O-rings(23.5x3.6mm): 20
O-rings(13.2x2.7mm): 20
Ambient: 5℃~60℃
Relative Humidity: ≤95%
Outside Dimensions: 378mmx360x72mm
Power: 10W
Power Supply  AC100~240V,50/60Hz
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