Mini Magnetic Stirrer

Mini Magnetic Stirrer


Size: 1L / 200-1800 RPM

1L / 200-1800 RPM
2L / 200-2000 RPM
SKU: SE.31.4260-01
Mini Magnetic stirrers are essential tools in laboratory settings, used for the mixing and stirring of liquids. With its compact design and various capacities, the Mini Magnetic Stirrer offers versatility for a variety of experimental setups. Its adjustable speed range allows for flexibility in meeting diverse mixing needs. Mini Magnetic Stirrers utilize a rotating magnetic field to spin a stir bar or flea that is submerged in liquid, effectively stirring the contents.
    Product Code Capacity Speed  Size
    200-1800 RPM 125mm d
    SE.31.4261-01 2L
    200-2000 RPM 135mm d
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    1L / 200-1800 RPM, 2L / 200-2000 RPM
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