Memory Wire Kit

Memory Wire Kit With Forceps and Instructions

SKU: SE.31.MS0268-01

Memory Wire Kit, also called nitinol wire, is a smart material that has the remarkable ability to remember and return to a predetermined shape when exposed to a specific stimulus, typically heat. It is composed of nickel (Ni) and titanium (Ti) and was first discovered at the Naval Ordnance Laboratory (NOL), hence its name.

This is commonly used for shape memory alloy applications, biomedical devices, actuators, robotics, eyeglass frames, and experimental/educational purposes. It has the ability to return to a predetermined shape when exposed to certain conditions, making it useful in various fields.


Kit includes: 

  • 110mm (approx.) wire
  • Instructions
  • Forceps

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Product Code: SE.31.0268-01
Brand:  Technos
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