Memory Wire Kit

Memory Wire Kit

SKU: SE.31.0268-01

The Memory Wire Kit provides a hands-on experience for gaining an understanding of the characteristics of shape memory alloys, particularly Nitinol. This type of wire is known as nitinol wire or memory wire. By programming it to a specific shape, when heated, it will automatically revert back to that shape.

By conducting experiments in both scientific and lab settings, this kit facilitates the examination of thermomechanical behavior and highlights the impact of temperature on material properties. It also serves as a valuable resource for educators seeking to demonstrate the unique phenomenon of shape memory, while delving into phase transitions, heat transfer, and the practical applications of shape memory alloys in cutting-edge fields such as robotics and biomedical devices.

Kit includes:

  • 110mm (approx.) wire
  • Instructions
  • Forceps

*wire not sold separately

Product Code: SE.31.0268-01
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