High Accuracy Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer

High Accuracy Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer




A High Accuracy Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer is an advanced lab tool to provide exact heating and stirring for liquids. With a flat, heat-resistant surface and a stir bar, it allows for simultaneous temp control and stirring, essential for many scientific applications. It's suitable for desired temperature experiments like chemical mixings and sample prep.

High Accuracy Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer/Brushless Motor Stirrer Hotplate

  • Speeds range from 100 – 1500 rpm
  • Porcelain Enamel Hot Plate model for temperatures up to 340°C
  • Stainless Steel Hot Plate model temperatures up to 550°C
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD for display of set & actual parameters
  • Monitoring of set & actual temperature/speed
  • High accuracy of temperature control with embedded dual sensors
  • Advanced Stirrers with microprocessor technology
  • Constant speed even with the change of load / Voltage
  • Maintenance-free brushless motor
  • Scratch-proof & excellent chemical resistance
  • External temperature probe (PT-1000) for control of fluid temperature
  • Last parameter recall, ideal for repetitive processes
  • Unique safety temperature control system
  • Settable safe temperature limit to avoid overheating
  • Residual Temperature warning when the unit is switched off for operator safety
  • Protection class acc. to DIN EN60529

Brand: REMI


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  • Technical Specifications
    Model 5 ML plus 5 MLH plus 10 ML plus 10 MLH plus
    Power (W) 50 550 50 1050
    Max. stirring quantity (Water)(Liters) 5 5 10 10
    Stirring Paddle (PTFE coated) Q-19A (9 x 35mm) Q-19A (9 x 35mm) Q-20A (13 x 50mm) Q-20A (13 x 50mm)
    Motor rating input (W) 18 18 18 18
    Motor rating output (W) 10 10 10 10
    Speed range (rpm) 100-1500 100-1500 100-1500 100-1500
    Speed / Temperature display LCD LCD LCD LCD
    Speed display resolution (rpm) 1 1 1 1
    Top Plate Material Porcelain enamel Porcelain enamel Glass Ceramic Glass Ceramic
    Dimension of Top Plate (mm) 135 135 184 x 184 184 x 184
    Heating power (W) 500 1000
    Temperature Range Up to 340°C Up to 550°C
    Control accuracy of heating temperature 1°C 1°C
    Residual Heating Warning Alarm Above 50°C Above 50°C
    Control accuracy of heating temperature with PT-1000 0.2°C 0.2°C
    External Temperature sensor PT-1000 PT-1000
    Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) 280×160—85 280×160—85 360×215—112 360×215—112
    Weight (kg) 2.8 2.8 5.3 5.3
    Protection class acc. to DIN EN60529 IP 42 IP 42 IP 21 IP 21
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