Magnetic Line Coloured Chips
Magnetic Line Coloured Chips

Magnetic Line Coloured Chips


Style: No Magnet / Chips Only

No Magnet / Chips Only
With Magnet
SKU: SE.31.0605-01

The Magnetic Line Colored Chips are specifically created for educational purposes, serving as a visual representation of magnetic field lines. These high-quality chips are expertly crafted to aid in understanding complex concepts related to magnetic phenomena in science and laboratory environments. 

Various colors denote different strengths of magnetic fields. Educators can effectively demonstrate variations in magnetic force and direction, making the topic more accessible to students. These chips are a valuable tool for hands-on experiments and are essential for lessons on electromagnetism, magnetic induction, and various physics experiments. 

*100gm.  5 mixed colours per pack

Product Code
SE.31.0605-01 No Magnet (chips only)
SE.31.0604-01 With Magnet (round ferrite)
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No Magnet / Chips Only, With Magnet
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