Magnet Teaching Set of 7

Magnet Teaching Set of 7

SKU: SE.31.0292-01

The Magnet Teaching Set of 7 is a comprehensive collection of magnetic tools designed for educational and scientific purposes. It includes various types, shapes, and sizes of magnets for hands-on learning and exploration of magnetic principles in a laboratory or classroom setting. A versatile and essential resource for educators and researchers studying magnetism and electromagnetism.


  1. Bar Magnets: Alum, iron, carbon.
  2. Magnetic needle and stand: 140mm needle length Height 100mm
  3. U Magnet: Alum, iron, carbon (95 x 62 x 10mm)
  4. Horseshoe magnet: Alum, iron, carbon (31.5 x 12 x 6mm)
  5. Ring magnet: Alum, iron, carbon (40mm od, 20mm id, 8mm thick)
  6. Compass
  7. Iron filings

*Supplied in case (247 X 182 X 68mm)

Product Code: SE.31.0292-01
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