Magnesium Ribbon Reel

Magnesium Ribbon Reel

SKU: SE.31.2985-01

The Magnesium Ribbon Reel is a crucial part of controlled combustion reactions in science labs commonly used in experiments related to metal reactivity, thermodynamics, and combustion chemistry. It produces a bright white flame when lit, making it perfect for observing combustion reactions. 

This is a valuable resource for showcasing the principles of stoichiometry, limiting reactants, and combustion calorimetry for researchers and educators and is also essential for teaching concepts related to oxidation-reduction reactions and the reactivity series of metals. Its convenient reel format ensures easy handling and safe storage, making it a must-have for chemical education and research laboratories.

  • Burning Magnesium produces extreme heat and light, forming magnesium oxide. Use Ultraviolet Blocking UV Goggles for safety.
  • Magnesium ribbon burns slowly and steadily when ignited, leaving behind a white residue. Difficult to extinguish once ignited.
Product Code: SE.31.2985-01
Size:  25g roll
Length: Approx. 14.5 meters
Width: 3mm
Thickness: 0.25mm
Classification: Class 4.1
Composition: 99% magnesium, 1% Zinc and Lead
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