Magdeburg Hemisphere

Magdeburg Hemisphere

SKU: SE.31.MS0251-01

A Magdeburg Hemisphere is used to demonstrate the power of atmospheric pressure. It consists of two hemispheres that can create a strong vacuum when sealed. This device was originally developed by Otto von Guericke and now serves as a valuable tool for teaching students and researchers about air pressure and its impact on different phenomena.

Its historical significance and educational purpose make it a noteworthy representation of atmospheric pressure experiments in laboratory settings.


  1. Combine the two Magdeburg hemispheres and securely seal the valve.
  2. Attach a spring scale to each hemisphere and pull them apart, using the scales to measure the force.
  3. Connect the two halves, vacuum the air out of the sphere using the pump, then close the valve.
  4. Attach the springs to the hemispheres and pull to demonstrate the increased force required to separate the halves.
Product Code: SE.31.0251-01
Material: Brass
Diameter: 75mm
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