Litmus Paper

Litmus Paper


Material: Blue / Pack of 200

Blue / Pack of 200
Blue / Vial of 100
Neutral / Vial of 100
Neutral / Pack of 200
Red / Pack of 200
Red / Vial of 100
SKU: SE.31.3779-01

Litmus paper is commonly used for determining pH levels. Its blue variety indicates acidity when it turns red, while the red variety turns blue to represent basicity. In contrast, neutral litmus paper remains unchanged regardless of acidity or basicity.

  • Acidity Testing (Blue Litmus Paper): Identify acidic solutions. Paper turns red in acidic solutions and shades darker as acidity increases. Tested with multiple pH buffers, the paper is blue at pH 8 and turns to red at pH 6.5 and lower.

  • Neutrality Testing (Neutral Litmus Paper): Identify solutions that are neither strongly acidic nor strongly basic. It turns red in acidic solutions (pH <7) and blue in alkaline solutions (pH >7).

  • Alkalinity Testing (Red Litmus Paper): Identify alkaline or basic solutions. Test pH easily with Red Litmus paper. Strip changes to blue in alkaline solution.

Product Code Type Qty
SE.31.3779-01 Blue Pack of 200
SE.31.3787-01 Blue Vial of 100
SE.31.3797-01 Neutral Vial of 100
SE.31.3788-01 Neutral Pack of 200
SE.31.3798-01 Red Pack of 200
SE.31.3807-01 Red Vial of 100
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Blue / Pack of 200, Blue / Vial of 100, Neutral / Vial of 100, Neutral / Pack of 200, Red / Pack of 200, Red / Vial of 100
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