Lever and Fulcrum

Lever and Fulcrum


Material: Apparatus Complete With Weights

Apparatus Complete With Weights
Spare Weights
SKU: SE.31.0228-01

The Lever and Fulcrum is a simple machines essential in physics experiments and laboratory settings. A lever, which is a rigid bar pivoted on a fixed point called the fulcrum, is a fundamental part of this elegant mechanical setup, utilized in a variety of scientific applications to efficiently increase force and manipulate direction.

Experts use these components to demonstrate the lever arm concept, where the fulcrum distance affects force. This setup is crucial in experiments on rotational motion, equilibrium conditions, and force transfer.

Product Code:  Description
SE.31.0228-01 Apparatus complete with weights, 500mm
SE.31.0228-02 Spare weights
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Apparatus Complete With Weights, Spare Weights

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