Lens Cleaning Paper

Lens Cleaning Paper

SKU: SE.31.0266-01

Lens Cleaning Paper is an essential accessory for maintaining the clarity and integrity of delicate lenses and optical surfaces. Its lint-free and non-abrasive design ensures gentle and effective cleaning without introducing scratches or particles that could compromise optical quality.

Introducing Lens Cleaning Paper, an essential tool in the world of optics and microscopy. Its non-abrasive and lint-free properties guarantee a delicate and efficient cleaning of optical surfaces and lenses without causing scratches or residue. This multi-purpose paper is crucial for preserving precision and clarity in laboratory techniques, including spectroscopy, microscopy, and imaging experiments. With careful handling and a focus on accuracy, this paper plays a vital role in ensuring reliable results across various scientific fields.

*for general cleaning

*100 sheets

Product Code: SE.31.0266-01

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