Lens and Mirror Holder Wooded V Groove

Lens and Mirror Holder Wooded V Groove


Size: 50mm d

50mm d
75mm d
SKU: SE.31.0246-01

The Lens and Mirror Holder Wooded V Groove is a precision instrument used in laboratory optics and experiments. It securely holds lenses and mirrors in place for tasks such as beam reflection, refraction studies, and image formation. Its Wooded V Groove design prevents slippage during experiments.

This holder is ideal for students and researchers conducting optical experiments in educational settings. Its wooden construction and adjustable features allow for precise alignment of lenses and mirrors, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in exploring focal lengths and image formation.

Product Code:  Size
SE.31.0246-01 50mm d
SE.31.0256-01 75mm d
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50mm d, 75mm d

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