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RQ-5 Plus
RQ-100 Plus
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Laboratory Stirrers Overhead enable stirring and mixing of solutions without direct contact with the samples. Mounted on lab stands, these stirrers are powered by an overhead motor, usually driving a propeller or paddle within the liquid. This setup grants precise speed and direction control, granting versatility to a multitude of tasks.


Laboratory stirrers for stirring/mixing etc of chemicals. Ideal for pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic products. The equipment basically consists of a body. Chuck, stainless steel blade propeller, and a U-type stand.


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  • High torque even at low speeds
  • Monitoring of set & actual speed
  • Wide range of impellers
  • Advanced Stirrers with microprocessor technology
  • Advanced Stirring speed control through VFD
  • Constant speed even with a change of load / Voltage
  • Easy-to-read display of set & actual parameters
  • Last parameter recall. Ideal for repetitive processes
  • Accepts shafts up to 13mm
  • Motor protection in case of continuous overload
  • Stopper for protection of vessel & shaft
  • The special base design for toppling-free operation

Technical Specifications
Features RQ-5 Plus RQ-100 Plus
Max. stirring capacity (Water) (Liters) 5 100
Motor Type BLDC AC Induction, 3 phase
Motor rating 10 watt 100 watt
Speed range [rpm] 50-1500 100-4000
Torque 418Ncm
Speed display LED LED
Timer 0 to 99 Minutes 0 to 99 Minutes
Motor Overload protection LED light flash, auto stop LED light flash, auto stop
Chuck (mm) 1.5 to 10 1.5 to 13
Stirring Shaft x length (mm) 8 x 250 12 x 500
Impeller Type / (mm) Axial Turbine / 36 Pitched x 2 / 65
Dimensions [Wx D x H] (mm) 115 x 180 x 155 320 x 285 x 620
Stand length (mm) 600 (“2″™) 1220 (“4″™)
Weight [kg] 6.5 19
Power [W] 10 watt 175 watt
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RQ-5 Plus, RQ-100 Plus
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