Laboratory Jack Screw Platform

Laboratory Jack Screw Platform


Size: 150x150mm

SKU: SE.31.3537-01

The Lab Jack Screw Platform is a must-have for any lab. It's super flexible and stable, making it perfect for adjusting the height and positioning of equipment. Scientists can easily fine-tune experimental conditions thanks to its smooth, adjustable screw mechanism.

This laboratory platform is a must-have for experiments requiring precise positioning. Its fine-tuning abilities can accommodate different needs. With sturdy construction, it minimizes vibrations for accurate measurements, making it an essential tool for various scientific fields.

Product Code Size Reach
SE.31.3537-01 150x150mm 60mm to 275mm high
SE.31.3547-01 200x200mm 65mm to 320 mm high


Additional Information

150x150mm, 200x200mm
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