Knife Switch

Knife Switch


Configuration: Double Pole / Double Throw

Double Pole / Double Throw
Double Pole / Single Throw
Single Pole / Double Throw
Single Pole / Single Throw
SKU: SE.31.1589-01

The knife switch is a key component in both scientific and laboratory equipment particularly in physics and electronics. It's used for precise control of current and are vital in experiments studying electrical conductivity, resistance, and circuit behavior. Furthermore, knife switches are used in circuit prototyping and educational demonstrations in electronics research, providing a practical understanding of electrical principles.

Similarly, in educational settings for aspiring engineers, the knife switch serves as an essential tool for teaching and learning about the fundamentals of electrical circuits, aiding in the comprehension of foundational concepts in electrical engineering. Its ease of use and dependability make the knife switch an integral part of laboratory setups, facilitating hands-on learning in the fields of physics and electrical engineering.

Material: ABS

Product Code Configuration
SE.31.1589-01 Double Pole / Double Throw
SE.31.1588-01 Double Pole / Single Throw
SE.31.1587-01 Single Pole / Double Throw
SE.31.1586-01 Single Pole / Single Throw
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Double Pole / Double Throw, Double Pole / Single Throw, Single Pole / Double Throw, Single Pole / Single Throw
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