Iron Filings
Iron Filings

Iron Filings


Size: 100g / In Screw Cap Jar

100g / In Screw Cap Jar
500g / Bulk Pack
180g / In Shaker
SKU: SE.31.2915-01

Iron Filings possess useful magnetic properties that are utilized in experiments and demonstrations involving magnetic fields. When placed near a magnet or wire, they can effectively visualize and analyze related phenomena, making them crucial for laboratory use.

Iron filings are versatile for educational demonstrations, allowing for exploration of electromagnetism and magnetic fields. They can also aid in understanding the influence of magnets on fluid dynamics.

Warning: Wear safety glasses and gloves when handling.

Product Code
Weight Descriptions
SE.31.2915-01 100g In Screw Cap Jar
SE.31.2925-01 500g Bulk Pack
SE.PA1969-001 180g In Shaker
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100g / In Screw Cap Jar, 500g / Bulk Pack, 180g / In Shaker
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