Human Biology Models
Human Biology Models
Human Biology Models
Human Biology Models
Human Biology Models
Human Biology Models
Human Biology Models
Human Biology Models
Human Biology Models
Human Biology Models
Human Biology Models

Human Biology Models


Material: Blood Cell

Blood Cell
Breast / Female
Circulatory System
Digestive System
DNA Structure
DNA Activity Kit
Eye in Orbit
Reproductive Organs / Female
Reproductive Organs / Male
Hand Bones
Hip Leg Joint
Shoulder Joint
Larynx Heart Lung
Lung / Right Side
Nervous System
Respiratory System
Pelvis / With Baby
Skeleton / Full Size
Skeleton / Small
Skin Section
Teeth Care
Torso / Interchange Sex Organs
Torso / Half Life Size
Torso / Sexless
SKU: SE.31.1181-01

Human Biology Models are an essential tool in medical and biological sciences serving as a comprehensive educational aid, enabling students and researchers to delve into the intricacies of human anatomy, studying organs, tissues, and their relationships. It also aids medical practitioners in honing their diagnostic skills, providing a three-dimensional representation of the human body for enhanced understanding.

These models are perfect for in-depth research on physiological processes and pathologies in a laboratory setting. They are highly beneficial for those studying anatomy, physiology, and medicine, catering to students and seasoned researchers alike. 

Product Code
SE.31.1181-01 Blood Cell 55 x 33 x 8cm  Enlarged 2000x
SE.31.1238-01 Brain w/Arteries 8 pcs on base, 18x14x14cm
SE.31.1194-01 Breast (Female) Set, 1 X Healthy 1 X ill 
SE.31.1196-01 Circulatory System 880x400mm
SE.31.1197-01 Digestive System On board, 1.9kg, 90x30x13cm
SE.31.1198-01 DNA Structure 23x22x68cm, 1.4kg
SE.31.1198-02 DNA Activity Kit 2 segments
SE.31.1190-01 Ear (Large) W/stand, 320x160x205mm, 1.4kg
SE.31.1191-01 Elbow Joint
SE.31.1214-01 Eye in Orbit 3x, Plastic, 190x280mm, 1.3kg
SE.31.1210-01 Eyeball (6 Parts Enlarged) Plastic,140x140x260mm, 0.7kg
SE.31.1228-01 Reproductive Organs (Female) On Stand
SE.31.1279-01 Reproductive Organs (Male) On Stand
SE.31.1231-01 Foot (Normal, w/Ligaments) Plastic, 190x115mm, 330g
SE.31.1232-01 Hand Bones w/Radius & Ulna On stand, 250mm high
SE.31.1233-01 Head w/Neck & Brain 5 Parts, on base, 250x150mm
SE.31.1250-01 Heart (Enlarged) 3 Parts, On Base, 25x23x23cm
SE.31.1253-01 Kidney 240mmx125mm, 480g
SE.31.1251-01 Hip, Leg, Joint w/Ligaments 160x160x300mm, 0.9 kg
SE.31.1287-01 Shoulder Joint w/Ligaments
SE.31.1262-01 Larynx, Heart, Lung 250mmx90mm, 425g
SE.31.1261-01 Larynx Plastic
SE.31.1272-01 Lung (Right Side) 170x130x225mm, 0.56kg
SE.31.1360-01 Nervous System On Board, 880x400mm
SE.31.1285-01 Pelvis w/Baby One-Sided
SE.31.1284-01 Pregnancy, Fetal Devt 9 models on stand
SE.31.1286-01 Respiratory System 55x39x5cm, 2.5kg
SE.31.1291-01 Skeleton, Full Size 120x47x30cm, 20kg
SE.31.1292-01 Skeleton, Small 85cm high, 9.5kg
SE.31.1297-01 Skull 2 Parts, Plastic, 170x140mm, 1.37kg
SE.31.1298-01 Skin Section Plastic, 70x, 22x21x11.5cm
SE.31.1302-01 Stomach 2 Parts, On Stand, 16x11x23cm
SE.31.1303-02 Teeth Care w/Brush 200x150x120mm
SE.31.1317-01 Torso, Interchange Sex Organs 85cm, 22 Parts, 11kgs
SE.31.1329-01 Torso, Half Life Size Plastic, 520mm high
SE.31.1322-01 Torso, Sexless 17 Parts, 92x43x29, 12kgs
Additional Information

Blood Cell, Brain, Breast / Female, Circulatory System, Digestive System, DNA Structure, DNA Activity Kit, Ear, Eye in Orbit, Eyeball, Reproductive Organs / Female, Reproductive Organs / Male, Elbow, Foot, Hand Bones, Head, Heart, Kidney, Hip Leg Joint, Shoulder Joint, Larynx Heart Lung, Larynx, Lung / Right Side, Nervous System, Respiratory System, Pelvis / With Baby, Pregnancy, Skeleton / Full Size, Skeleton / Small, Skull, Skin Section, Stomach, Teeth Care, Torso / Interchange Sex Organs, Torso / Half Life Size, Torso / Sexless
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