Hoffmann Voltameter and Spare Electrodes

Hofmann Voltameter and Spare Electrodes


Item: Hofmann Voltameter

Hofmann Voltameter
Spare Electrode / Carbon Pair
Spare Electrode / Platinum Pair
SKU: SE.31.5600-01

The Hofmann Voltameter is a scientific tool used to perform electrolysis on water. It is composed of a glass container filled with a diluted solution of water and sulfuric acid, with two gas-collecting tubes placed over platinum electrodes. Through the process of electrolysis, the water molecules are split into hydrogen and oxygen gases by an electric current passing through the platinum electrodes. The resulting gases are contained in the two separate tubes, with hydrogen produced at one electrode and oxygen at the other.

It is commonly used in educational settings to demonstrate the principles of electrolysis and to show the stoichiometric relationship between the volumes of hydrogen and oxygen produced during the electrolysis of water providing a visual and quantitative illustration of the composition of water and the concept of electrolysis.

Includes: 1 x pair platinum electrodes

Brand: Technos

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SE.31.5600-01 Hofmann Voltameter Acrylic With Stand & Platinum Elect
SE.31.1399-01 Spare Electrode Carbon Pair
SE.31.1412-01 Spare Electrode Platinum Pair
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Hofmann Voltameter, Spare Electrode / Carbon Pair, Spare Electrode / Platinum Pair

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