Centrifuge High Speed 500-12000 RPM

High Speed Centrifuge for 1.5ml to 2ml Tubes

SKU: SE.31.1874-06

A wide variety of centrifuges feature a variable speed range from 500-12000 RPM, proving especially useful in laboratories and scientific settings. These machines are instrumental in quickly breaking down liquids into their components, allowing for the isolation of DNA, RNA, proteins, or cellular organelles.

Consequently, calibrating the speed range to target individual components is essential for successful experiments in molecular biology, biochemistry, and clinical research. The range of 500-12000 RPM allows for precise and accurate results, ensuring that researchers can get the most out of their experiments. This wide speed variety, paired with a powerful motor, makes this centrifuge an invaluable tool for scientists in many different fields.

Holds: 1.5 - 2.0 ml  Tubes 

Brand: Nest

Product Code: SE.31.1874-06

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