Condenser Jacketed Coil

Graham Reflux Condenser


Capacity: 300mm

SKU: RS118.1

Graham Reflux Condensers are commonly employed in distillation and reflux processes. Featuring a distinctive spiral construction, these condensers present an increased surface area for condensation, subsequently driving heated vapors back to the reaction flask.

This reflux activity enables an unbroken loop of vapor cycling, aiding in reliable and efficient distillation. 

Graham Reflux Condenser is made of Borosilicate glass 3.3 which is resistant to heat and almost all chemicals. It is used for high vapor pressure solvents, and it is efficient for 

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Item Code Socket Cone Length (mm)
RS118.1 B 24 B 24 300
RS118.2 B 24 B 24 600

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300mm, 600mm
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