Gooch Rubber Set of 9

Gooch Rubber Set of 9

SKU: SE.31.1017-01

The Gooch Rubber Set of 9 is perfect for filtration in science and lab settings. It creates a strong system with Gooch crucibles and seals securely to prevent leaks. Its versatile design accommodates different crucible sizes, making it an essential tool for various analytical procedures. Accurately and efficiently filter particles from liquids with this precise set.


1: φ83-65*33mm
2: φ70-52*33mm
3: φ60-42*33mm
4: φ50-30*33mm
5: φ42-26*28mm
6: φ34-21*23mm
7: φ28-19*16mm
8: φ21-14*14mm
9: φ16-9*13mm - stopper

Material: Natural Rubber

Colour: white

Product Code: SE.31.1017-01
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