Geological Specimens Rocks
Geological Specimens Rocks
Geological Specimens Rocks
Geological Specimens Rocks
Geological Specimens Rocks
Geological Specimens Rocks
Geological Specimens Rocks
Geological Specimens Rocks
Geological Specimens Rocks
Geological Specimens Rocks

Geological Specimens Rocks


Material: Andesite

Anthracite Coal
Banded Iron
Basalt, Gray To Black
Basalt / Vesicular
Basalt / Porphyritic
Breccia / Sedimentary
Coal Bituminous
Dolomite / Pink
Microcline / Granite Pink
Hornfels / Black
Limestone / Fossil Archaeocyatha
Limestone / Oolitic
Marble / White
Obsidian / Black
Quartz / Rose
Quartz / Crystal
Quartz / Jasper
Quartz / Agate
Rhyolite / Pink to gray
Sandstone / Tan
Sandstone / Silica
Chlorite Schist
Shale / Gray and Tan
SKU: SE.31.6335-01

Geological Specimens Rocks serve as a repository for learning about sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks, offering hands-on experiences for students. These specimens provide foundational resources for understanding the complex geological evolution of our planet.

Geological specimens, categorized as Earth Science materials, encompass a wide variety of rocks, minerals, and fossils carefully selected for scientific examination. In research environments, they prove to be essential resources for geologists, paleontologists, and other professionals, facilitating the methodical investigation of Earth's past, composition, and dynamic forces.  

*Sold in packs of 10

Product Code Description Details
SE.31.6335-01 Andesite Size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6334-01 Anthracite Coal Metamorphic, black, shiny
SE.31.6336-01 Banded Iron Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6337-02 Basalt, Gray To Black Size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6337-01 Basalt, Vesicular Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6339-01 Basalt, Porphyritic 50 x 25 x 25 mm approx
SE.31.6341-01  Breccia Size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6341-02 Breccia Sedimentary Size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6342-01 Buxite Sedimentary
SE.31.6433-01 Coal Bituminous Size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6435-01 Conglomerate Size: 2.8 - 4 cm
SE.31.6437-01 Diorite Medium-grained
SE.31.6435-02 Dolomite Pink Size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6436-01 Gabbro Coarse-grained, dark-coloured
SE.31.6439-01 Gneiss Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6441-01 Microcline (Granite/Pink) Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6443-01 Hornfels (Black) Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6444-01 Koaolin Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6445-01 Limestone Fine-grained
SE.31.6443-03 Limestone Fossil (Archaeocyatha) Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6445-02 Limestone Oolitic Size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6447-01 Marble, White Coarse-grained
SE.31.6447-02 Mudstone Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6449-01 Obsidian, Black Size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6451-01 Pegmatite Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6453-01 Phyllite Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6455-01 Pumice Light gray
SE.31.6329-03 Quartz, Rose Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6329-02 Quartz, Crystal Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6456-01 Quartz, Jasper Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6457-01 Quartz, Agate Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6455-02 Quartzite Size: 1-2 inches
SE.31.6459-01   Rhyolite (Pink To Gray) Size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6461-01 Sandstone Tan Size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6463-01  Sandstone Silica Sandstone Red, 3-4cm
SE.31.6465-01 Chlorite Schist Size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6467-01 Shale (Grey/Tan) Size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6468-01 Siltstone Size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6469-01 Slate Size: 3cm
SE.31.6471-01 Trachyte Fine-grained, light-coloured
SE.31.6470-01 Tuff Size: 1-2 inches
Additional Information

Andesite, Anthracite Coal, Banded Iron, Basalt, Gray To Black, Basalt / Vesicular, Basalt / Porphyritic, Breccia, Breccia / Sedimentary, Buxite, Coal Bituminous, Conglomerate, Diorite, Dolomite / Pink, Gabbro, Gneiss, Microcline / Granite Pink, Hornfels / Black, Koaolin, Limestone, Limestone / Fossil Archaeocyatha, Limestone / Oolitic, Marble / White, Mudstone, Obsidian / Black, Pegmatite, Phyllite, Pumice, Quartz / Rose, Quartz / Crystal, Quartz / Jasper, Quartz / Agate, Quartzite, Rhyolite / Pink to gray, Sandstone / Tan, Sandstone / Silica, Chlorite Schist, Shale / Gray and Tan, Siltstone, Slate, Trachyte, Tuff
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