Geological Specimens Minerals
Geological Specimens Minerals
Geological Specimens Minerals
Geological Specimens Minerals
Geological Specimens Minerals

Geological Specimens Minerals


Material: Biotite

Calcite Cleavages
Copper Native
Fluorite Cleavable
Garnet (Almadine w/Hornblende)
Gypsum (Satin Spar)
Halite (Rock Salt Granular)
Hematite (Black)
Magnetite (Black)
Olivine (In Basalt)
Plagioclase Feldspar
Pyrite Massive
Sphalerite Massive
SKU: SE.31.6300-01

Geological Specimens Minerals provide precise identification of minerals and aid in understanding crystallography, chemical composition, and physical properties. They are also valuable for research and education purposes, enhancing our understanding of Earth's geological history.

Geological specimens, categorized as Earth Science materials, encompass a wide variety of rocks, minerals, and fossils carefully selected for scientific examination. In research environments, they prove to be essential resources for geologists, paleontologists, and other professionals, facilitating the methodical investigation of Earth's past, composition, and dynamic forces. 

*Sold in packs of 10
*Country of Origin: USA

Product Code Description Details
SE.31.6300-01 Biotite Black Cleavage Plates
SE.31.6304-01 Calcite Cleavages Ave. size: 30mm
SE.31.6306-01 Chalcopyrite Sample size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6308-01 Copper Native Ave. size: 3 - 4cm
SE.31.6308-04 Dolomite Pink-White, Medium-Grained
SE.31.6309-01 Fluorite Cleavable
SE.31.6311-01 Garnet (Almadine w/Hornblende) Ave. size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6313-01 Gypsum (Satin Spar) White Fibrous
SE.31.6315-01 Halite (Rock Salt Granular) Cloudy, Ave. size: 3cm
SE.31.6317-01 Hematite (Black) Fine-Grained Specular
SE.31.6318-01 Hornblende Rock-forming mineral
SE.31.6324-01 Kaolinite White, massive
SE.31.6319-01 Limonite Ave. size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6321-01 Magnetite (Black) Coarse crystalline
SE.31.6323-01 Malachite Crystalline on Matrix
SE.31.6325-01 Muscovite Ave. size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6327-01 Olivine (In Basalt) Ave. size: 3-4cm
SE.31.6328-01 Plagioclase Feldspar Specific gravity: 2.68-2.72
SE.31.6329-01 Pyrite Massive
SE.31.6331-01 Sphalerite Massive
SE.31.6333-01 Talc Talc Schist
Additional Information

Biotite, Calcite Cleavages, Chalcopyrite, Copper Native, Dolomite, Fluorite Cleavable, Garnet (Almadine w/Hornblende), Gypsum (Satin Spar), Halite (Rock Salt Granular), Hematite (Black), Hornblende, Kaolinite, Limonite, Magnetite (Black), Malachite, Muscovite, Olivine (In Basalt), Plagioclase Feldspar, Pyrite Massive, Sphalerite Massive, Talc
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