General Purpose Dissecting Tray

General Purpose Dissecting Tray


Item: Dissecting Tray

Dissecting Tray
Spare Inserts / Pack of 12
SKU: SE.31.5578-01

The General Purpose Dissecting Tray provides a stable base for researchers and students to dissect specimens with precision and ease, especially useful in fields like anatomy, and pathology, for the examination of tissues and organs. Additionally, the dissecting tray is an essential tool in biological research, facilitating the careful dissection of specimens. It supports investigations into organismal structures and aids in the collection of specific tissues for further analysis.

Crafted from autoclavable polypropylene, this dissecting tray features an etched scale and anchor points to secure specimens with string. The non-slip rubber feet provide a sturdy grip on your work-bench.

  • Also called "Techtray"
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Subjecting the trays to higher temperatures may result in warping
  • Working Area: 340 x 290mm
  • Tray dims: 470 x 330mm

Material: Polypropylene

Product Code Limit Description
SE.31.5578-01 Dissecting Tray Read Brochure
SE.31.1398-01 Spare Inserts Pack of 12

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    Dissecting Tray, Spare Inserts / Pack of 12
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