Genecon V3 Propellar Motor 140

Genecon V3 Propellar Motor 140

SKU: SE.31.0275-14

The Genecon V3 Propellar Motor 140 is a versatile electrical tool designed for exploring fundamental concepts of electricity, circuits, and energy conversion. It is capable of connecting to various power sources, including Genecon V3, dry cells, and DC power supplies, making it an ideal learning device for students and professionals alike.


  • Electricity by generating power to operate the proeller 1.5 - 3.0 volt DC
  • Transformation of energy from mechanical to wind

*only suitable to use with Genecon V3

Brand: Narika
Current:  210-250mA
Dimensions:  76 x 60 x 105mm
Product Code:  SE.31.0275-14
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