Genecon Due 12V DC
Genecon Due 12V DC

Genecon Hand Generator


Style: Hand Generator

Hand Generator
With Pulley
SKU: SE.31.0275-01

Genecon Due 12V DC is a hand-cranked generator designed for educational use, showcasing energy conversion and electricity generation principles. It's commonly utilized in physics and science classrooms to allow students to personally generate electrical energy. 

Genecon Due 12V DC Hand Generator converts human mechanical energy into electrical energy. It is commonly utilized for educational purposes, exemplifying the conversion of energy and electricity generation.

It helps create a hands-on learning experience in the classroom and laboratory settings through practical explorations to discover principles such as: 

*Dimension: 115 x 140 x 43mm

  • electron flow
  • parallel and series circuits
  • energy transfer
  • concepts such as motors, generators, and mechanical energy

Genecon Due 12V DC with Pulley efficiently transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. This helps illustrate important concepts surrounding electricity production and energy conversion.  The inclusion of a pulley system enables the conducting of experiments involving varying degrees of mechanical advantage or force.

Brand: Narika

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SE.31.0275-01 Hand Generator
SE.31.0275-16 With Pulley


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Hand Generator, With Pulley
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