Genecon Due Electrolysis Apparatus Safety Type

Genecon Due Electrolysis Apparatus Safety Type

SKU: SE.31.0275-18

Closed-container-design type electrolysis experiment for safer experiment. Designed with safety in mind, the Genecon Due Electrolysis Apparatus Safety Type ensures a more secure and efficient experiment. With its closed-container design, you can conduct experiments with peace of mind.

  • Only small amount of chemicals needed (around 100ml)
  • No need to exchange chemical solution for several days as they are contained inside the structure (e.g. students experiments week)
  • Easy to compare ratio of two gases that were created in tubes with help of scale on them
  • Any type of electrolysis, including NaOH (aq), diluted HCl (aq), NaCl (aq) and diluted H2SO4(aq), is possible due to the built-in Pt coated titanium (Pt-Ti) electrode
  • GENECON V3 or Due can be used as power source for this product


  • Soft silicon plugs (white): 2 pcs
  • Soft silicon plug (blue):
  • 1 pc-Cap: 1 pc 
Brand: Narika
Electrode: pair of Pt coated titanium electrode
Size: 1140 x 80x 80mm
Available solutions: NaOH, HCL, NaCl, etc.

Product Code: SE.31.0275-18

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